Welcome to ABC of Louisiana

ABC of Louisiana Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of ABC of Louisiana, Inc. shall be to foster and perpetuate those principles set forth by ABC National.

ABC of Louisiana shall pursue and promote the following activities:

  • Coordinate with the ABC New Orleans/Bayou Chapter and the ABC Pelican Chapter to deal with matters of special concern to their Members;
  • Encourage any Legislative activity which is deemed necessary or incidental to the furthering of the Merit Shop ideals at the State of Louisiana Level, which is not a violation of the laws of the State or the Bylaws of ABC National. The ABC of Louisiana State Board of Directors through the State Legislative Committee shall have sole responsibility for formulating and coordinating a Statewide ABC Legislative posture and implementing same; and
  • Promote such other activities or services as may benefit the Members of both the ABC New Orleans/Bayou Chapter and the ABC Pelican Chapter, further the objectives of Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. and promote the principles of Merit Shop.