Educational Speakers

Educational Breakout Sessions presented by:

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John Murphy, Senior Consultant

Topic: U.S. Construction Industry Talent Development Report

Time: TBD


As construction contractors prepare to emerge from the industry recession and as Baby Boomers continue to retire at increasing rates, there is a significant need to invest in our human resources. What is the best way for your company to go about finding and retaining the best talent? How do you measure the effectiveness of training in terms of outcomes and benefits? Discover the answers to these questions and hear anecdotes from construction contractors' talent development during this interactive presentation. Explore what recruiting strategies and assessments may improve your chances of initially getting the right people to your front door

Learning Objectives:

•Understand what primary elements to watch for during the recruiting process to hire quality employees

•Identify the leadership styles that motivate people and create a productive environment

•Discover the common mistakes that companies may make when addressing poor employee retention

SchugJames Headshot

Jim Schug, Principal and Operations Practice Leader

Topic: Past, Present, Future: Critical trends driving the future of the construction industry and what you should do about it


Numerous contractors, from small to large, struggle to keep existing clients and maintain a foothold. However, others gain traction, build backlogs, run profitably and penetrate new areas of specialization. So what is their secret? Why do some companies do well while others just barely survive? FMI will present several case studies and distill the relevant factors that make these companies unique and successful. 

Learning Objectives:

•Understand the business imperatives for surviving in the construction industry

•Recognize the common mistakes contractors make

•Build a company fit for the next challenge